AIESEC in Tartu


AIESEC is the largest international youth-led organization and our mission is to give youth a real leadership experience. In AIESEC you can gain practical skills and knowledge and use them right away. To do this we have three different options – team member experience, doing an internship abroad and volunteering abroad.

As a team member you can try sales, marketing, human resources and organizing projects. Our membership experience lasts half a year which means that after your first semester you can apply for team leader position and gain a leading experience. In addition to trainings, conferences and team member experience we offer you a great social network from where you can find current members as well as our successful alumni. Many AIESEC members spend their winter or summer doing an internship or voluntary work abroad.

All our work is inspired by the idea of peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential. To achieve this we want to engage every young person all over the world. One of our partners is The United Nations.




I joined AIESEC because I wanted to challenge myself. I found it to be a safe place to learn about my strengths and weaknesses, a place to learn through trial and error. Whenever I started feeling comfortable, I took another challenge – learned new skills, took a different role as a leader or started working on a new project. And I could do it thanks to the encouragement and support of like-minded and ambitious students who shared the same vision. I truly enjoyed putting my studies into practice and more importantly – learning by doing. AIESEC strengthened my belief that I can make a difference. It gave me the confidence and mindset to tackle challenges ahead. Being a member of AIESEC was by far the most rewarding experience during my studies.