Effective Altruism




Our vision is to create a community of people with the will and ability to do good effectively. We organize activities to educate people about effective career choices and donation opportunities. We organize events to find new people and strengthen the bonds within the existing community.

As problem analysis and impact assessment of organizations require very strong analytical thinking and knowledge of many different areas, it offers students excellent opportunities to develop their own knowledge and thinking. It is also important for us to develop ourselves so that we can carry out our career and altruism plans effectively. For example, we learn time management, health care, communication, networking, effective learning and the scientific method.

One of the goals of Effective Altruism is to provide students with career guidance so that they can increase their contribution to the world by directing their education. Through our movement, many Estonians have found their way to international trainings, workshops and universities.

As effective altruism touches on many important issues in the world, students can use our movement to expand their knowledge in their field. For example, computer scientists (in researching the risks of technical intelligence), economics students (for example, in shaping global development and environmental policies), biologists (in researching the risks of biotechnology) and many others will benefit. The effective altruism movement improves the activities of its professional student organization.

There are many well-positioned people around the world in the community of effective altruism. By associating themselves with this, students have the opportunity to increase their circle of acquaintances internationally and find opportunities for self-development abroad.

The Estonian community of effective altruism currently has about 30-40 active members and many like-minded people. It is possible to join all year round. Communication has so far taken place in Estonian, but we have also organized meetings with effective altruism groups in neighboring countries, and international students are also welcome to join. New members can contribute, for example, in workshops, share their thoughts in internal event conversations, help organize public events, and spread the worldview of effective altruism among their friends and acquaintances, or in other organizations.


I used to think of myself as a critical and relatively objective person. After joining the organization Effective Altruism Estonia, I began to realize how much we actually tend to think along common societal tracks. At first I feared that my idealistic world-improver’s point of view would disappear, but in reality it was only amplified. There are many good and extremely intelligent people in the world who do an incredible amount of good. Because of such professionals, scientists and altruists, life on this planet is getting better for all of us year after year.

Effective Altruism Estonia has brought me together with such inspiring people whose intelligence, caring and rationality amazes me. Almost every conversation with them has brought lasting positive changes to my thinking.

From a much more selfish point of view, Effective Altruism Estonia has given my life purpose and meaning. We can all contribute to improving the world, and its effectiveness is very clear in the big picture. When I look back on my life in old age, I want to answer the question “How many sentient beings have I helped?” with the answer “As many as possible.”